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We understand that in most cases, designing a fabric is only the start of the journey...


.. our continuing work within so many facets of the diverse global fabric industry has resulted in a solid, reliable and highly skilled network of manufacturers that we are able to link and connect with our clients. From historic silk mills in Suffolk, to the most innovative Italian fancy tweed producers, from a micro-mill in Bristol to a 16 acre weaving, printing and garmenting facility in Asia. In turn we are able to offer manufacturing facilities an exclusive and informed insight into market trends and offer seasonal consultancy and client focussed design services.

We’ve spent years collating an unrivalled catalogue of specialist yarn and rare thread which we draw upon daily during our creative design process, befriending the most forward thinking and experimental yarn producers. Consulting seasonally for top trend agencies by exploring and expressing the latest themes, moods, and innovations within the woven fabric industry we offer reliable and informed trend packages and research.

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