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Bristol Beacon : D&M x Rana Begum

Dash & Miller's collaboration with artist Rana Begum to develop three iconic textiles for the Bristol Beacon was unveiled in Nov 2023 as part of the concert hall's £132m transformation.

Curated and produced by Field Art Projects, the team at Dash & Miller advised on the translation of Rana's creative vision into stunning and functional installations within the performance spaces of this world-class venue. 

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Ruiros (iii) 2022 & Ruiros (ii) 2022

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Colourfields 2023

“I wanted to develop something that reflects the diversity of sound performed in the halls through rhythms, patterns, and repetition 
Rana Begum 2023

Collaborating with Garry has been a huge pleasure and privilege. We were thrilled when he approached us to work together, and as our relationship has progressed we have been astounded by his level of trust in our designs and our process.


Due to the pandemic we didn’t have the opportunity to meet face to face until well into the design and production process. The projects have originated from Garry’s desire to translate and interpret his processes into different textile mediums, and he’s allowed and encouraged us to push the boundaries of what is possible within dobby handloom weaving.


The wide mixture of processes and materials we have explored during the creation of these tapestries has been incredible, and has really pushed the capabilities of our design team.


18 February - 28 May 2023, 11:00 - 18:00

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