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Fabric + Weave
Design + Innovation

Our Expertise

Dash + Miller studio regularly works with trend agencies, fashion houses, fabric manufacturers, lifestyle brands, editors and contract suppliers to inform and inspire the creation of wonderful fabrics. Our hand-crafted approach to industrial design combines with our breadth of experience to provide relevant and unique design-work. We apply our skills to a wide variety of projects from a diverse range of clients within both mainstream and niche areas of textile design and development, and we relish a challenge!

Past projects include:

  • On-going fabric trend research for the largest international forecasting agency.

  • Future materials development for automotive and sportswear concepts.

  • Couture/catwalk hand-woven show pieces for garments, footwear and accessories.

  • Fancy-yarn concept development using innovative printing, dyeing and twisting techniques.

  • Colour-work; recolouring and colour concept development.

  • Multi-process fabric exploration combining woven, foiled, laser-cut, etching and embroidery techniques.

  • Art collaborations and commission-based publicity pieces for both practising artists and commercial PR teams.

  • Cruise-liner fabric concepts for soft furnishings and drapery.

  • Woven wall-covering design and surface texture development for non-woven wall-coverings.

  • Seasonal design and development for womenswear mill collections.

  • Dobby and Jacquard development for contract interiors.

  • Woven exploration using unorthodox materials for couture fashion, contemporary art, and jewellery design.

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Our facilities


In the studio we have assembled a remarkable range of weaving equipment including the latest CAD weaving software, 8-24 shaft dobby hand-looms, a Norwegian Jacquard hand-loom and our Italian fancy yarn twister, all of which allow us to offer an exceptional design service relevant to an evolving and responsive creative industry.


Our experimental creativity combines with our deep level of technical understanding and access to the right technology allows us to realise our ideas in a way that makes Dash & Miller’s weavers unrivalled as the world’s leading woven concept specialists.

Our techniques

As well as our highly skilled team of in-house weave designers, we also employ a network of multi-disciplinary textile specialists with creative knowledge and expertise in embroidery, screen and digital print, laser-cut, mixed media, and dyeing.

Our global reach

We visit clients in New York, UK and Europe, attend Premiere Vision Paris twice a year, and have the support of our team of global representatives. Get in touch to find out when we'll be near you!

What our clients say...


Dash + Miller partner with WGSN on our Textiles Forecasts, creating innovative woven designs. We love working with Juliet, Franki and the team as they respond to concepts with such enthusiasm, creating imaginative fabrics that convey an absolute enjoyment in and mastery of the weaving process. Their signature use of colour and yarn, structure and finish brings something uniquely crafted and special to our textiles trends. 

Director of Materials, Textiles and Knit - WGSN


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